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Asmak Shaaban

هو ده شعبان بتاع السمك اللى بيقولوا عليه

About Us

Asmak Shaaban Restaurant, is one of the oldest restaurants in Alexandria for more than 100 years

Asmak Shaaban has a completely different taste

His story 103 years ago, the first fish restaurant in Egypt, an old story of Shaaban Fish Restaurant for seafood
This is a restaurant where the stars of art and sports meet. Its story is a combination of the past and the present. People are looking for it, and when they find it, they say, Is this Shaaban, the fish they are saying about? !!
Hence the distinction.

Special seasoning and fried shrimp that you will never find anywhere else, it is only in our El Max branch.

The secret that makes our food taste delicious, because all of our fish FRESH in addition to the irresistible mixture of distinctive spices. We are waiting for you


The restaurant is beachfront in El Max area

Our Advantages

Distinctive location where you could enjoy the fresh sea air, and the wonderful sound of waves


All fish are fresh and immediately cooked.


Home delivery service available.

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